Nová evropská sinologická revue

V těchto dnech vychází  1. číslo Journal of the European Association for Chinese Studies (, nezávislé publikační platformy vytvořené z iniciativy Evropské asociace čínských studií. Časopis vychází on-line a má formu monotematických čísel, v nichž dochází k propojení sinologického výzkumu napříč historickými obdobími i vědními disciplínami. První číslo se věnuje otázkám cenzury.

Redakce zároveň vyhlašuje výzvu pro 2. číslo, tentokrát se zaměřením na  téma „mládí“. Uzávěrka je 31. března, další podrobnosti níže:


Call for papers: Journal of the European Association for Chinese Studies, volume 2 (2021)
For its second volume, the Journal of the European Association for Chinese Studies invites scholars
to submit papers dealing with aspects of youth in the pre-modern, modern, and contemporary
Chinese world. We welcome unpublished papers that discuss the concept of youth and its impact on
Chinese society especially in a diachronic and comparative way, on topics including, but not limited
● Youth and childhood in pre-modern China
● Youth within families and as social groups in society: intra- and transgenerational
● The transition from childhood to youth, and to adulthood
● Real and imaginary spaces of youth
● Songs and literature for and by young people
● Youth as innovators or traditionalists in arts, literature, theatre and film
● The economic power of young people: innovation and consumer culture
● Youth and revolts: understanding Hong Kong
● Young Sinologists
In order to be published in the JEACS volume 2 (2021), papers written in English (max. 10,000
words) are to be submitted by March 31, 2021 using the online submission page on our website:
Submissions must include a short CV (150 words), an abstract (max. 400 words), and five key
words. Authors are requested to follow the author guidelines and our style sheet, which are available
on the same page of our website.
Generic calls for papers, book reviews and information on recently defended PhDs
The JEACS also welcomes submissions of unpublished articles on any aspect of Chinese culture,
across disciplines and time periods. For submission guidelines, see the link above.
The JEACS is looking to review scholarly monographs published in Europe since 2019. We are
particularly interested in reviewing books published in other languages than English so as to increase
the visibility of some of the less frequently quoted European languages of Chinese studies. Proposals
from authors, editors, publishers and potential reviewers are welcome and will be considered and
assessed by the editors provided the suggested monographs fit the highest standards of academic
publishing. Submission deadline: March 31, 2021.
Contact information:
In order to better promote the academic production of early career scholars from European
institutions, the JEACS seeks to compile a list of recently defended PhDs. These must have been
defended between January and December 2020, and must have been awarded by a European
University. There is no restriction on the language in which the PhD was written, however we ask
their authors to submit all the relevant information in English. These include: author’s first and last
name; title of the PhD (in original language and in English); link to online repository (when
available); institution; month of award; 500 words abstract (in English). Submission deadline:
March 31, 2021. Contact information:

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